Oak Ridge is a very active church. There are lots of things to be involved in, and lots of ways to serve. We encourage everyone not to be satisfied by simply attending services on Sunday mornings, but to seek to truly become a part of the body. This doesn’t mean making yourself as busy as possible with “church things”. It means finding the group(s) that can minister to you and your needs, and at the same time looking for the ways in which you can give back into the body.


Oak Ridge is a body, and the parts of the body are all important in contributing to the whole. If you don’t believe me just read 1 Corinthians 12:12-31. As a church, Oak Ridge can only minister to the needs of both its members and its community to the extent that we are all willing to serve. Jesus gave us a great example of service throughout His life on Earth and we encourage you to look, I mean really actively look, for the ways in which you can serve God in and through Oak Ridge Community Church. Do you see a need that we are not meeting? Tell somebody! Contact the office and let us know. Be the eyes and ears of God among His people, so that we know how best to be His hands and feet.

There are many established ministries at Oak Ridge, not all of them listed on this website. If you would like to be involved something specific, get in touch with the leader for that ministry. Contact details should be available on every ministry page. If not, contact the office and we will connect you with the right person. Don’t wait to be asked! Get stuck in!

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