Grove Gatherings

Dear Saints,

Over two decades ago, when our church was founded, we selected a passage in Isaiah as the inspiration for the name of our church.  Isaiah 61:3 says, in part, "....they will be called oaks of righteousness, The planting of the LORD, that He may be glorified." That’s how we got Oak Ridge Community Church!

In this spirit, we'd like to introduce to you a new series of gatherings for our church family.  These gatherings will be called “Grove Gatherings”.  As in a grove of oaks, imputed with the righteousness of Christ and dedicated towards His glory.  Amen!  

We've had these "oaks in a grove" moments before with our Marriage Enrichment and spring leadership retreats.  We recognize that these gatherings are different than our Town Hall Meetings, which we dedicate to church business.  

So, when you see “Grove Gatherings” announced, we hope that you join us for a church family time of spiritual enrichment and edification.

~Pastors of Oak Ridge