Life Groups

Life Groups at Oak Ridge are smaller, more personal gatherings within our fellowship. They are gatherings where we can develop authentic relationships, disciple one another, and put our faith into action in a way that will help us deepen our relationship with God, experience healing in our lives, and effectively spread the Good News of Salvation to world that needs Jesus.

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Burtonsville Keir Skiles Sunday Afternoon
Clarksville Toshi Baer and Frannie Miller Sunday Morning *Women Only
Clarksville Raven Tasker SISU Young Adult - Saturday Evening
Columbia Glenn Baer Sunday Afternoon
Columbia Nicole Simpson Wednesday Morning *Women Only
Columbia Eric Simpson Thursday Evening
Columbia Steve Miller Saturday Evening
Columbia / North Laurel Bruce Ferguson and Richard Woo Sunday Afternoon
Columbia/Clarksville Dan Woo Thursday Evening *Men Only
Ellicott City Tom Evans Thursday Evening
Highland Leif Olson and Sara Fisher Firefly Support Group - Sunday Afternoon monthly
Silver Spring Steve Miller Thursday Evening
Woodbine Julian Smith Thursday Evening

If you would like any updates or more information on these groups, please contact us here.