Oak Ridge Community Church Missions Update

As believers, one of our primary missions in life is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.  We are His witnesses whether we are at home, chatting with our neighbors, or serving our families.  We also have unique opportunities to travel to other nations and support believers who are called to live around the world.  

Did you know that your prayers, encouragement and financial contributions have supported mission outreaches:

  • In fourteen different nations on three continents?
  • Helped to send fifteen different members of our church family on overseas trips!
  • Served and refreshed dozens of long-term missionaries in Europe, Central America and Asia!
  • Helped show the love of Christ with hundreds of people around the world!

All this has occurred all in the past couple of years!  Pretty amazing for our church family!  Praise God for your generous support and prayer! 

If there is a missions effort that God has put on your heart to support or, better yet, if the Holy Spirit is calling you to go on a short-term mission trip, then please contact the pastors (pastors@oakridgecc.org) to discuss as soon as possible.

Oak Ridge Community Church Supported Missionaries in 2018 and 2019

Here is a list of the mission efforts and individuals that Oak Ridge Community Church supports in 2018 and 2019.

Long-term missionaries

Many of the long-term missionaries are part of formal mission organizations and can receive financial contributions directly to their Mission organizations.  ORCC already supports each of these individuals on an on-going manner per our approved budget.  You can also click through to the mission organizations  associated with the missionaries if you'd like to see more information about their mission or make a contributions above and beyond that which ORCC makes.

Click here to see heart-felt expressions of gratitude from the missionary families that we've served the last three years in Croatia! 

Short-term mission trips

All of the following short-term mission trips are officially supported (to varying degrees) by ORCC.   The individuals listed with the trip have been approved as short-term mission workers.

  • Reliant Missions - George Sebek
  • Ireland - Jeff Stanford
  • Dominican Republic - Rachel Bomberger
  • Great Commission Europe Missionary Retreat - Dave and Shirley Ferguson, Tina Ferguson, Eleanor Ferguson, Steven Ferguson, Madeline Ferguson, Ben Brady, Jose and Brenda Martinez
  • Costa Rica - Tony Pierson and Steven Ferguson

ORCC is accepting financial contributions on behalf of any of the individuals listed above.  You can also make tax deductible financial contributions to these trips by making contributions to Oak Ridge Community Church and referencing "Missions" and the country that you desire to support.  For example, if you'd like to support the Ireland trip, please use the note: "Missions - Ireland" on your check or electronic comment field.

Some of the short-term missionaries are also supported by formal mission organizations.  You can click through to their support pages as well. 

IRS regulations

In order to assist ORCC in remaining complaint with IRS regulations, please reference the country reached and NOT the individuals by name for short-term trips.  Please feel free to contact the pastors or church office for any clarifications.  ORCC will make every effort to match contributions with needs.

On-going support and new initiatives

We encourage you to pray for all of the missions efforts above and their target nations.  ORCC pastors are always willing to entertain new ideas for mission efforts to support.   The list of approved efforts can updated through out the year!

From time to time, opportunities exist through the Great Commission Churches for believers to participate in a short-term missions trip to one of our sister churches overseas.

Jesus said to them "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."
Mark 16:15

Croatia GCE VBS Trip


Since 2016, ORCC has sent a team to Croatia to minister to missionary families who attend the GCE Missionary Retreat.  Watch these videos which to see why caring for missionaries and their families matters to us and what God is doing worldwide to share His good news.

Spring 2018

Croatia VBS Slideshow Spring 2018

Spring 2017

GCE VBS Families say, "Thank you."

The Catos Family

The Goerings Family

The Marrone Family

The Testas Family

The Van Engelen Family

Contact David Ferguson if you would like more information or to support the trip.

Costa Rica

Samaritan Women Missions and Ablaze Virginia's Costa Rica Missions Trip

On Sunday, August 6, guest speaker Jeanne Allert shared about the organization The Samaritan Women and Tony Pierson gave a report from the Costa Rica mission trip.  Both topics dealt with the issue of human sex trafficking.  Resources related to these speakers and missions opportunities can be found at the following places.

Audio of their Presentations:

The Samaritan Women:

Recap of the Costa Rica Trip:

George Sebek | Dominican Republic

George Sebek recently gave an update about his mission trips to the Dominican Republic. Watch the slideshow to see all that God is doing in this area.

You can hear George's retelling of his most recent trips at http://www.oakridgecc.org/audio/2017/6/25/life-on-a-mission.

Haiti Mission Trip

Eddie Guida's | Haiti

The mission trip was at the same time great, and very challenging, and definitely delivering on the "push me out of my comfort zone" promise.

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