SISU (Staying In the Spirit United) started a little over 5 years ago from the prayers and love of Oak Ridge Community Church, starting on HCC campus and meeting in the basement of The Gathering Place. It started as a deep, missional community of young adults led by God’s presence and love to make disciples and grow in Christ-likeness.  

From these roots, YAMS (Young Adult Missional Servants) sprung up! Together, we are learning to love one another as Jesus loved us, encouraging, praying, crying, playing, studying, serving, singing and laughing together. We want to be a welcoming, loving, safe, non-judgmental place, where anyone can come and ask the hard questions. We want God to be glorified.

Every other Friday, we try to get together to worship, break bread, read the Word, pray and then play games, have deep discussions, watch movies…it’s a pretty fluid time. We also love to travel and do things together.

After worshiping together on Sunday, we like to eat together…. and when it’s warm, we LOVE to play Ultimate Frisbee around @6/7pm in Laurel at Alice B. McCullough Field (parking on 8th street against the fence)! Don’t worry about skill level… we have those who have never played, and seasoned players who itch for sunny days during the cold winter months :) We are competitive, but still considerate and thoughtful of one another while giving our best! [But if sports isn’t your thing, some of us like to relax and chill on the sidelines, chat, play chess, dutch blitz, another game…or chase the ice cream man!]

We would LOVE for you to join us, to let yourself know and be known!

Feel free to show up for Ultimate Frisbee, or fill out the form for more information about where we are and what we are doing!

We have a pretty lively Facebook Messenger chat room with the latest updates about what, when, where… and sometimes just some small talk here and there. Exciting news, calls for prayer, a devotion, or just a hello.