Vision Statement

Oak Ridge Community Church is a gathering of communities who do life together and share life together.

Mission Statement

In faith and reliance on the Holy Spirit, ORCC will envision, equip, and release our saints to deeply love God, one another, and the lost.  We will be devoted to God’s Word, evangelism and building strong families so that we can multiply our lives and disciple one another to full maturity in Christ.

What’s Next?

Over the next year, ORCC will continue to be strong in developing our love for Jesus, cultivating a family atmosphere and engaging in refreshing Sunday worship.  We will continue to display humility and transparency and seek unity as leaders.  

Our number one need as a church is to develop a culture of evangelism in our everyday lives, within our life groups and as a church as a whole.   

We will be successful in our envisioning efforts when we see tangible improvements in the following key areas of church life: leadership, communication, evangelism, discipleship, and teaching.

Prayer would become a foundational weapon in the spiritual battle that rages in our world, our church, and our personal lives. Worship will also be elevated to become more of an offensive weapon to defeat Satan in these three main areas of our lives.