Steve Miller


Steve was born and raised on a cattle ranch in the northwest corner of Kansas run by his granddad and father. He enjoyed participating in sports at school and when he was born again at the age of 13, asked God to make him a state champ wrestler. God answered that prayer and after graduating from high school, Steve went to college on a wrestling scholarship.

While in college he participated in Campus Crusade for Christ where he met his wife Frannie. Frannie introduced him to a group of radical Christians the following year who turned his life upside down! He joined them and has been with them ever since.

Steve and Frannie were married in 1973 and helped start a church on the Kansas State University campus. After 12 years, they moved to Maryland to join with others who had started a church here. After being in MD for several years, they were invited to participate in starting a new church which we know today as Oak Ridge Community Church. They have 8 children and 9 grandchildren!

Steve is a builder and has worked for Harkins Builders since 1987. Though this is the way he makes a living, he’s driven to help Christians connect with other Christians in a meaningful way where their fellowship will be effective and produce eternal treasure. One of Steve’s spiritual gifts is hospitality and he truly loves the people God brings into his life. One of his greatest joys is meeting new folks who visit ORCC.

Mike Lowe


Mike Lowe was recognized as a pastor at Oak Ridge in December, of 2015. He and his wife Lisa, are the proud parents of 7 children and 14 grandchildren. Mike has served the church in many roles, as a Care Deacon, small group leader, college ministry leader and now as a pastor. A native farm boy from Virginia, he graduated from Virginia Tech in 1984, and continues full time work in the Construction Management trade for Montgomery County government. If you want to go SCUBA diving, or boating, Mike is eager to go, and loves the Word of God, and his Lord. 



David Ferguson and his wife Shirley have been members of ORCC since 1993. David is a bi-vocational pastor. He was ordained at Oak Ridge in 2013 and works as an IT Project Manager as well. David and Shirley met at the University of Maryland at College Park in 1987 and were both part of the Great Commission student group on campus until 1993.  

David became a Christian as a teenager shortly after his parents divorced. He struggled with feelings of guilt and anxiety for a long time as a younger man. Jesus' promise of forgiveness and intimacy has help to lift Dave's feet from the miry clay.  Through the loving and inspiring example of mature believers around him, he caught a vision for intimacy with Christ, forgiveness, leadership and the Gospel of forgiveness as a student at Maryland.

David has a passion to help people grow in their faith and discover the gifts that God has given them, starting with salvation and seeing people raised up in leadership. David is firmly committed to the concept of plurality in church leadership and the Church's role as a member of the Great Commission movement of churches.  His primary role is serving as executive pastor which includes praying, thinking and organizing the vision, strategy, and planning of the church and its ministries.

Dave and Shirley have been married since 1993 and have five children. Shirley is actively involved in Children's Ministry at ORCC and has a strong creative streak. Shirley got her love for Children's Ministry from her mom and dad, who live with them.  

Dave is a total geek and loves Tolkien, Gaming, Winston Churchill, Indian food and Ronald Reagan. Shirley is essentially a modern day Holly Hobby. She enjoys Little House on the Prairie, Luke Skywalker and any movie with Bruce Boxlietner in it. (She's a geek too.)  Their kids are Dr. Who and Harry Potter fanatics and enjoying playing in the role-playing games that dad runs. (Okay, the whole family is pretty much geeky.) The family is rounded out by a dog, a cat, two rabbits, and a hamster that looks a lot like a black rat.

George Sebek


George has planted and pastored a number of churches since the early 1970s. George loves people and his gifts include encouragement and leadership. He is very open about his life and can relate to the everyday struggles we all go through.

George is married to Beth and enjoys time with his children and grandchildren when he is not on the mission field. For many years, George worked with co-pastors and staff at Oak Ridge to teach God's word, mentor young men, and help believers connect to God and His purpose for their lives.

Currently, George trains teams in the Dominican Republic so that God's kingdom can continue to move in that area. Oak Ridge has been blessed by George's leadership and continues to prayerfully support God's work through George as a Reliant missionary and more information is available at or



Kathy Mathews


Kathy has been a volunteer Office Administrator for Oak Ridge since 2005 when we opened our doors at The Gathering Place. She was a legal secretary until she retired in 2000. Lovingly dubbed as ORCC’s “church mom,” she has kept Oak Ridge running smoothly with all the challenges that a church brings.  

Kathy has been married to Martin for 35 years.  Together, they have opened their home to “The Rainprint Rowers” life group since 2004.  Kathy also serves the Oak Ridge family whenever there is a need. 

toshi baer.jpg


Toshi has been working one to two days a week as admin to THE Admin/ORCC's mom Kathy since 2013. Toshi has been married to Glenn for almost 20 years and they have one son, Daniel. With Daniel having graduated in 2017,  Toshi’s 12 year of being a homeschooling mom has ended. She looks forward to the next stage God has planned for her.

Aurelia Tremblay


I was born in California but raised in the small town of Grants Pass, Oregon. It was Grandma who taught me that "there’s a Jehovah God in heaven who loves you and sent his Son to die for you," but my life changed when a high school friend rededicated his life to Jesus and invited us to church with him. After graduation, I accepted Jesus as my Savior at summer camp. I began actively serving in the youth group for 7 years until I met my husband Mike and moved across the nation to Maryland. We have been married for almost 18 years and have 3 wonderful children. Together, we serve in Children’s Ministry as Sunday School Leaders. I also help coordinate Vacation Bible School and serve part time as a church office admin.